Jim Hopson's Story

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White, cis older man, in his 70s, white goatee and a green and white ballcap

Jim Hopson, former Saskatchewan Roughrider player (1973-76) and President of the football club (2005-15), faces a challenging opponent off the field – colorectal cancer. Jim recently sat down with the SCA to share his patient story, which is filled with hope, love and gratitude. 

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Despite the difficult journey, Jim maintains a positive outlook. "I try to stay positive,” he shares, emphasizing the incredible support he received from the Allan Blair Cancer Centre staff. "The staff, the doctors, they are all just wonderful. They are all so positive and so upbeat. You can tell they really love their jobs." 

Adding a personal touch to Jim's journey was seeing his son-in-law, RN Ryan Geisler, at the clinic during each visit. As Jim navigated the complexities of chemotherapy, having a family member or another son (as Jim smilingly refers to Ryan) present brought another layer of support to his network. 

White, cis older man, in his 70s, white goatee, white golf shirt, track pants and glasses, with a white, sis man, in a dark blue shirt, with green scrub pants  in 30/40 in a

Throughout his cancer journey, Jim leans on his wife, Brenda, whom he acknowledges as his biggest support system. His network of friends also plays a crucial role in keeping a positive outlook. 

Reflecting on his experience, he stresses the importance of regular check-ups. “If you don’t go for a check-up, you won’t know. Please do it for yourself and your loved ones,” he urges. “Tell the people you love that you love them and try to be good to people."

Jim’s story is a testament to the power of positivity, the strength of support networks, and the importance of proactive health care. You can hear his story here and learn more about the Screening Program for Colorectal Cancer on our website.

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