Healthy Future Sask

As part of the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency’s mission to lead efforts in promoting health, early detection, treatment and research, and our vision of a healthy population free from cancer, we are happy to host Healthy Future Sask (HFS). This long-term population research platform aims to investigate the causes of cancer and chronic disease by monitoring the health of Saskatchewan residents for up to 50 years.

The recruitment target for this research study is 7000+ Saskatchewan residents aged 30 to 74. After consenting, participants will fill out a questionnaire, provide a blood or saliva sample, and undergo physical measurements. During the study, participants will be asked to do follow-up surveys and measurements on multiple occasions. 

Healthy Future Sask is part of the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow's Health (CanPath), the most significant chronic disease research project in Canadian history. As a partnership of seven regional cohorts, CanPath spans all ten provinces. This national study, initiated in 2009, has over 330,000 volunteer participants enrolled. Together, we connect health data with researchers nationwide to build a healthy future.

The platform will enable researchers to explore the biology, behaviours, and environments of participants, and how they relate to the causes of chronic disease and cancer. Our goal is to enable discovery in disease detection, treatment, control, and prevention to improve the health of future generations. The study provides a platform for health researchers from across the country to conduct innovative research. Healthy Future Sask only supports research that aligns with our mission of advancing knowledge about developing and preventing chronic diseases and cancer. 

Sharing your health journey for the purposes of research is important, — your participation in HFS can leave a legacy for future generations. Feel free to complete our questionnaire at your own pace; your participation is invaluable.

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Healthy Future Sask

Short video explaining the Healthy Future Sask project platform.