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A Lifesaving Journey Through Cancer Screening

Just before Christmas, a fit kit arrived in Theresa’s mailbox—a simple yet crucial step in the battle against the second most commonly diagnosed and second leading cause of cancer death in Saskatchewan. Her story is a testament to the life-saving impact of early colorectal cancer screening.

Motivated by her mother's colorectal cancer battle, Theresa saw screening as a proactive measure. The fit kit, non-invasive and requiring no fasting, made participation a no-brainer. However, a letter revealing an abnormal result two weeks later sparked concern. Reassured that not all abnormalities meant cancer, Theresa received support from a navigator, guiding her through the impending colonoscopy.

Facing her fears, Theresa's colonoscopy unveiled a polyp and a tumor. Further tests showed no additional tumors, and the biopsy came back negative. Her story highlights the effectiveness of early detection, especially considering she had no symptoms.

Early detection through screening prevents 90% of colorectal cancer cases. Theresa's journey echoes this, emphasizing the fit test's ease and potential to save lives. She urges, "A person doesn't know when you get that letter in your mailbox. Do your fit test. It's so easy to do, and it could save your life."

Today, Theresa expresses gratitude for the screening program that played a crucial role in preserving her health and ultimately her life. Her message resonates as a beacon of hope, underscoring the pivotal role proactive measures play in the fight against colorectal cancer.

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