Telehealth Appointment

Telehealth allows patients and healthcare providers to have a virtual appointment using advanced video equipment, conveniently located at various health centres across Saskatchewan. This virtual option can save patients and clients from having to travel long distances for appointment scheduled at the cancer centres in Saskatoon and Regina. The Virtual Visit app is a great option as well. If that app does not meet the needs for a particular appointment, then Telehealth is a convenient, available option.  

What to expect when setting up your telehealth appointment

Step 1. Indicate a virtual appointment using Telehealth equipment is wanted.

Step 2. Receive a call from Virtual Care Coordinator confirming appointment and giving directions to Telehealth location.

Step 3. Arrive at your Telehealth appointment at the appropriate time.

Step 4. Have vitals taken by health care professional.

Step 5. Be taken into a private room with Telehealth equipment and wait for the provider to connect on it.

If you have further questions or need more help please contact our Virtual Care Coordinator at the Allan Blair Cancer Centre call 306-766-2177 or email To contact the Virtual Care Coordinator at the Saskatoon Cancer Centre phone 306-655-6613 or email 

Below is a map of telehealth locations in PDF form.

Please note the stars represent multiple sites and the diamonds represent single sites.


Allan Blair Cancer Centre: Call 306-766-2177 or email
Saskatoon Cancer Centre: Call 306-655-6613 or email

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