World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day Reminds Us That Cancer Touches Everyone 

On average, 15 people heard the words “you have cancer”, every day in Saskatchewan in 2020. Cancer does not just impact one person, it affects their family, friends and community. 

The Saskatchewan Cancer Agency (SCA) and its fundraising partner, the Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan (Foundation) are dedicated to providing and supporting the very best in patient treatment, care, education, awareness and research to improve patient outcomes in our province. 

“We know that between 30 to 50 per cent of cancers are preventable,” said Dr. Jon Tonita, CEO of the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency. “We want to remind people that collectively we can all make a difference in our province – whether that is to make lifestyle changes to reduce the risks of cancer or to make a contribution to support current and future cancer patients.”

 Saskatchewan Cancer Care Facts 2019-20

  •  There were approximately 5,600 new cancer cases diagnosed last year in Saskatchewan.  
  • The most diagnosed forms of cancer are breast, lung, colorectal and prostate.  
  • Total chemo visits 23,925 to the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency  
  • Total radiation treatments 38,016 provided by the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency
  • Community Oncology Program of Saskatchewan (rural) treatments 13,869  Kilometers saved on patient travel by using the Community Oncology Program 4,354,665  
  • Total Telehealth appointments 11,353 and total kilometers saved on patient travel 4,521,016  
  • Between 30 to 50 per cent of cancers are preventable. Tobacco is the leading preventable cause, followed by physical inactivity, low fruit consumption, excess body weight, and sun exposure. 

”Cancer does not discriminate and it does not take a vacation. It is there 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” said Nora Yeates, CEO of the Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan. “As the fundraising partner of the SCA, we are here to support their work and bring hope to cancer patients and their families that are facing this disease now and in the future.” 

You can find out more about the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency and their fundraising partner the Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan by visiting their websites; and 

About the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency 

The Saskatchewan Cancer Agency is a provincial healthcare organization with a legislated mandate to provide cancer control for the province of Saskatchewan. The SCA operates prevention and early detection programs, conducts innovative research and provides safe, patient and family-centred care at our two cancer centres in Regina and Saskatoon (Allan Blair Cancer Centre and Saskatoon Cancer Centre) and in rural communities in partnership with hospitals through the Community Oncology Program. The SCA operates two patient lodges in Regina and Saskatoon to provide a home away from home for rural patients who need to travel for treatment. Our more than 800 employees are passionate about their work in the fight against cancer. 

About the Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan 

The Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan is the fundraising partner of the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency. 100 per cent of the funds raised stay in the province supporting patients, research, early detection and prevention programs. The Foundation is the only organization solely dedicated to raising funds for cancer care in the province. 

For more information, contact: 

Lisa Adam 
Director, Communications Director, 
SaskatchewanCancer Agency
Phone: 639‐625‐2011 

Mark Rathwell Marketing & Communications
Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan 
Phone: 306-537-9015