Cancer Registry Department

Director, Patient Information Services and Cancer Registry
Danielle Langston
200-4545 Parliament Avenue
Regina, SK S4W 0G3
Phone: 639-625-2036
Fax: 639-625-2191


Provincial Manager, Cancer Registry

Laci Davies

200-4545 Parliament Avenue

Regina, SK S4W 0G3

Phone: 639-625-2100


Cancer Registry Specialist
Serena Kozie
200-4545 Parliament Avenue
Regina, SK S4W 0G3
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Cancer Registrars

Health Information Practitioners (HIP) are graduates of an approved two-year Health Information Management program that includes anatomy, pathophysiology, computer applications, database programming, law and ethics, disease coding, psychology, communications, medical terminology. Students also participate in a variety of Health Information Management courses with emphasis on analysis and reporting of information.

Graduates of the program may challenge the national certification exam through the Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA) in order to become a certified HIP. Membership in CHIMA is often a condition of employment, and members are permitted to use the credentials CHIM.

Cancer registrars receive the same training as health information practitioners; however, they also receive intense cancer-specific in-house training that may last one to two years. Membership in CHIMA is compulsory for all cancer registrars, and registrars may also become certified with the National Cancer Registrars Association (NCRA) by challenging the exam to become a Certified Tumour Registrar (CTR). If successful, they are permitted to use the credential CTR in addition to CHIM. Continuing education is a requirement in order to use and maintain both of these credentials.

Education and Certification

  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic Health Information Management Diploma
    If you’re detail oriented, self-motivated and want a unique career in healthcare, consider Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Health Information Management Program. You’ll learn how to collect, organize and manage large amounts of health information, all while meeting privacy standards.
  • Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA)
    CHIMA represents health information management (HIM) professionals across Canada and is the certifying body and national association that represents leadership and excellence in health information management. CHIMA supports continuing education and professional practice of HIM professionals, develops strategic partnerships to advance the development and integration of electronic HIM, and advocates for and strengthens the HIM role in healthcare settings across the continuum of care.
  • National Cancer Registrars Association (NCRA)
    NCRA is a not-for-profit association representing cancer registry professionals and certified tumour registrars (CTR). NCRA's primary focus is education and certification. NCRA provides ongoing training through various mediums including annual conferences, workshops, publications, and their continuing education credit program.

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