If You Need Further Testing

f you need further testing breast 1

The Screening Program for Breast Cancer's nurse navigator will arrange for your follow-up appointments, with your doctor or nurse practitioner's permission.

Most abnormal mammogram results are due to changes in the breast that are not cancer. Nine out of 10 women who require follow-up tests do not have cancer.

What follow-up tests will I need to have?

You may have:

  • A diagnostic mammogram, which is an x-ray that uses special views to see breast tissue more clearly
  • An ultrasound, which uses sound waves to determine between a cyst and other breast tissue

Your doctor or nurse practitioner may also do a clinical breast examination.

What if the follow-up test is abnormal?

Some women may need a further follow-up test called a biopsy, which removes breast tissue for testing.

There are three main types of biopsies:

  • An ultrasound or stereotactic core biopsy uses a needle to remove breast tissue.
  • A surgical biopsy removes breast tissue in the operating room or in a clinic.
  • A fine needle aspiration uses a very thin needle to remove fluid or cells.

How will I know the results of my follow-up tests?

Your doctor or nurse practitioner will receive the results of your follow-up tests and help to arrange further care if it is needed.

What if my follow-up tests are normal?

If the results of your follow-up tests are normal, you can return to the screening program for regular screening mammograms. The screening program will send you a letter when it's time to make your appointment.

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