Welcome to the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency

On behalf of the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, the Data Access Committee wishes to congratulate you on the approval of the research project you are participating in.

A data expert will continue working with the principal investigator to finalize the details of the project. Once all the details are finalized a Saskatchewan Cancer Agency Research Agreement will be drafted and distributed for execution. You may be required to attend a training/orientation session prior to access being granted. If applicable, an email will be circulated with session times and further details.

Please review all the materials below. These resources will ensure you are successful with your project and compliant with Cancer Agency policies and legislation.

We look forward to working with you and seeing your finished work.


Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal heatlh Information for Research Purposes Policy

Acceptable Use

Identity and Access Management


Remote Access Security

Social Media

Electronic Transmission of Information

Confidentiality Policy and Agreement

Dress Code

Scent-Free Workplace

Respectful Workplace

Alcohol and Drug

Employee Privacy Training Package