Research can have a profound impact on providing better health for Saskatchewan people. Research has helped develop better drug regimens and can also help identify specific screening or early detection programs that can reduce the prevalence of cancer. 

Cancer Agency researchers, scientists and clinicians work hard each year securing grants from institutions and organizations to ensure this important work continues. 

2018-19 Funded Research Grants

Saskatchewan Cancer Agency Funded Research Grants Researcher Award Period Total Amount Awarded 2018-19 Amount Awarded
Identifying targets for combination therapy with Entinostat in triple negative breast cancer   Dr. Keith Bonham  2017-19 $200,000   $100,000
Adherence to oral chemotherapies among pediatric oncology patients using medication event monitoring systems (MEMS)  Dr. Amy Morris  2017-19 $38,282  $13,660 
Role of the bone marrow microenvironment in multiple myeloma development and progression  Dr. Julie Stakiw  2017-19  $199,200  $99,600
Identifying EphB6-deficient breast cancer tumours for clinical trials  Dr. Sunil Yadav  2017-19  $163,350  $81,675
Identifying biomarkers and developing molecular probes for radioimmunotherapy of breast cancer  Dr. Arun Sudarsan  2017-19  $83,000  $42,000
Targeting cancer progression genes upregulated in CREB3L1-deficient breast cancer cells Dr. Shari Smith 2017-19 $60,000 $15,000
Exploiting the synthetic dosage lethal interactions of Polo-like Kinase 1 for cancer therapeutics Chelsea Cunningham 2017-19 $47,000 $24,000
FOLFIRI alternate with FOLFOX in untreated metastatic gastric and esophageal adenocarcinoma Dr. Shahid Ahmed 2018-20 $100,138 $55,069
New targets for metastatic breast cancer Dr. Deborah Anderson 2018-20 $200,000 $100,000
Characterization of the cell surface protein GPR112 as a potential cancer drug target  Dr. Franco
 2018-20  $200,000  $100,000
Therapeutic immunity of heterlogous HER2-specific HuRt-Texo vaccination against transtuzumab-resistant breast cancer in BLT/NSG mice  Dr. Jim Xiang  2018-20  $200,000  $100,000
Does second line therapy improve survival of individuals with biliary tract and gallbladder cancers  Dr. Zaidi Adnan  2018-19  $40,934  $40,934
Beneficial cytotoxic T lymphocytes derived from irreversible electroporation ablation of breast cancer  Dr. Aizhang Xu  2018-20  $83,000  $41,000
Exploring the landscape of circular RNA expression in breast cancer Dr. Archana Kumari 2018-20 $83,000 $41,000


Funded Research Grants 

Organization Funding Received From  Researcher  Award Period   Total Amount Awarded    2018-19 Amount Awarded
Polokinase and drug resistance in pancreatic cancer Cancer Research Society Dr. Franco Vizeacoumar  2017-19  $120,000  $60,000
Critical role of FAK/RhoA in regulation of mTORC1/PKM2 pathway controlling epithelial-mesenchymal transition of triple-negative breast cancer College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan Dr. Jim Xiang  2018  $30,000  $30,000
Identification of new drugs to treat triple negative breast cancer College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan Dr. Deborah Anderson  2018  $30,000  $30,000
High throughput molecular imaging platform Canadian Foundation for Innovation Dr. Franco Vizeacoumar 2015-20  $1,259,322  $22,668
Role of Individualized Intervention(s) on Quality of Life and Adherence to Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy in Premenopausal Women with Early-Stage Breast Cancer: MyChoice Study College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan Dr. Shahid Ahmed 2018 $24,028 $24,028
Functional dissection of epigenetic silencing machinery  Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Dr. Franco Vizeacoumar 2014-20 $200,000 $40,000
Distinct regulation of T cell fate and memory via differentially IL-2- and IL-7-activated mTORC1-KIF13A-M6PR axis and AMPK-FOXO-Eomes pathway Canadian Institutes of Health Research Dr. Jim Xiang 2017-21 $480,000 $120,000
A systematic genome-wide effort to identify and validate targetable synthetic dosage lethal inter-actions of mitotic kinases in cancer cells Canadian Institutes of Health Research Dr. Franco Vizeacoumar 2018-23 $592,875 $118,575
Systematic profiling of circular RNAs essential for the survival of cancer cells Canadian Institutes of Health Research Dr. Franco Vizeacoumar 2018-23 $573,750 $114,750
SOTAR leading to an epidemiological study of all causes of death and longevity in Canadians occupationally exposed to ionizing radiation Candu Owners Group Dr. Gavin Cranmer-Sargison 2018 $60,500 $60,500