Cancer Surveillance

Cancer surveillance It is a way of continuously collecting information about the number and types of cancers occurring in a group of people. Effective surveillance is essential for a cancer control program. Without surveillance, monitoring and planning appropriate programs and services is not possible.

First Nations and Métis Surveillance Program

The Saskatchewan Cancer Agency worked together with the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations and Métis communities on a three-year cancer surveillance program, 2014-2017. Funded by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, the program ran from 2014-2017 and helped the Cancer Agency to gain insight into how to better serve these communities of people. This video reflects some of the learnings from the partnership.

One of the five participating communities was Ochapowace. Students in grades 11 and 12, along with artist and Elder Michael Lonechild, created a piece of art that was installed at the Allan Blair Cancer Centre in Regina in May 2017. The students called the piece Wapi Paskwawi Moscosis, which means white buffalo calf in Cree, and in English entitled it Hope, Courage and Strength.Cancer Surveillance

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