Tobacco Control

According to Health Canada smoking tobacco is related to more than two dozen diseases and conditions, one of which is cancer. Smoking is the most preventable cause of lung cancer, accounting for more than 85 per cent of all new cases diagnosed in Canada. Lung cancer is also the most common cause of cancer death in Saskatchewan and throughout North America.

There is also no risk-free level of second-hand smoke exposure, which makes ensuring appropriate legislation, information and cessation programs are in place and readily available so important to help reduce the risk of lung cancer.

Throughout the decades, as smoking rates have decreased, so too have rates of lung cancer. Key developments that have improved the health of the general population include:

  • Legislation to restrict the sale and advertising of tobacco products to youth
  • Smoking ban in workplaces and public places
  • Ban on retail tobacco displays
  • Bans on smoking in parks and recreation areas

All of the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency’s facilities are smoke free. The Saskatchewan Cancer Agency continues to work with the Northern Healthy Communities Partnership on the Northern Tobacco Strategy to reduce the disproportionately high smoking rates in the northern part of our province.

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