Prevention and Health Promotion

prevention and health promotion 1The objective of cancer prevention is “keeping healthy people healthy.”

While it is important to eat healthy foods, stay physically active, practice sun safety, avoid commercial tobacco use, and limit alcohol consumption, even more important are the factors in our environment that influence our behaviours and our health. What surrounds us shapes us and our actions.

Cancer Prevention Department

The Saskatchewan Cancer Agency’s Cancer Prevention Department takes a health promotion approach to cancer prevention as it works together with individuals, communities and groups to create conditions in Saskatchewan that improve population health and well-being. Our work as an organization looks at the social, environmental and economic influences that impact health and well-being, and focusses on health equity.

Cancer prevention is not something that a single organization or department can do alone, and much of our work centres on collaboration to make a difference.

We acknowledge that physical and social environments can have a significant effect on health. People are more likely to be healthy if:

  • They have adequate income and housing, as well as access to sufficient and nutritious food
  • They built and natural environments in their communities promote health
  • They have strong social support networks
  • The health impact of public policies is considered across sectors and at all levels of government

Working in Partnership

The Cancer Prevention department works in collaboration with other stakeholders, associations, organizations, and communities.

Currently, the department participates as members of the Saskatchewan Epidemiology Association, Saskatchewan Public Health Association, Population Health Promotion Practitioners Council, Saskatoon Poverty Reduction Partnership, Northern Healthy Communities Partnership, and Truth and Reconciliation Action Groups in Saskatoon and Regina.

We also work in partnership with the Eagle Moon Health Office, AIDS Saskatoon, the Canadian Cancer Society and others to promote health in the province.

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