Determinants of Health

determinants of health 1There are many factors that have an influence on our health, including age, genetics, lifestyles, where we are born, live and work. The Public Health Agency of Canada has adopted 11 main determinants of health that are a broad range of personal, social, economic and environmental factors that contribute to individual and population health. They include:

  1. Income and social status
  2. Employment and working conditions
  3. Education and literacy
  4. Childhood experiences
  5. Physical environments
  6. Social supports and coping skills
  7. Healthy behaviours
  8. Access to health services
  9. Biology and genetic endowment
  10. Gender
  11. Culture

Differences in these factors are called health inequalities and play an important role in your risk factor for disease including cancers. The Saskatchewan Cancer Agency’s Cancer Prevention department seeks to identify, understand and take action on the root causes of health inequity. By addressing the determinants of health, our approach can have a broader impact to support individuals to reach their fullest potential.

The work of the Northern Healthy Communities Partnership (NHCP) provides an example of work that seeks to address the determinants of health to improve health and health equity in our province. These health promotion efforts are undertaken with a recognition that every sector has a role to play to support healthy eating, early learning and literacy, and active living, among other priorities. The Prevention Department supports the work of the NHCP.

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