Take a TEAM Moment

Take a TEAM Moment
Change to Patient Prescription

Take a TEAM Moment
Staff Safety

Take a TEAM Moment
Unfamiliar Drug

Improving safety for patients and staff is a top priority for the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency. We believe that together everyone accomplishes more (TEAM), especially when it comes to caring for one another.

Safety is a shared responsibility and we encourage staff, patients and families to speak up when they have a safety concerns, and ask for help when they need it.

At the Cancer Agency we call it ‘Taking a TEAM Moment’. It is our approach to a provincial safety initiative called “Stop the Line”. Taking a TEAM moment is a way of improving the culture of safety and preventing harm by having individuals identify and fix potentially harmful situations in the moment, or ask for assistance to be able to safely continue. 

While the Cancer Agency is using different language than the provincial strategy, both programs believe that making healthcare SAFER is everyone’s responsibility. SAFER means:

  • Stop if you see something that is unsafe.
  • Assess the situation. Ask for support from others, supervisors, or leaders.
  • Fix the unsafe situation if you can. If you can’t, then...
  • Escalate your concern. Call in help from a team member or leader.
  • Report unsafe situations, environments, and practices, including both instances of no harm and incidents that have resulted in harm to patients or staff. We can’t improve what we don’t know about.

To help individuals feel comfortable in raising safety concerns the Cancer Agency created a series of videos to highlight common opportunities to take a TEAM moment.

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